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Bad Music

2007-09-01 02:57:12 by Twistedtechnology

HEY!!! people, if i put up a song that you dont like, it would do me a lot of friggen good if at least ONE of you would leave a comment saying anything other then just "H3Y!!! This sux mad b4\/\/lz!!!"...then the prevention of further bad posts.....will be far more likely...because I will be able to sooner and more accurately identify what it was I did wrong, and learn what not to make in the future so as not to be so much of an ear-sore again.

I find it pretty damn hypocritical of poeple to go through other's music, and say how much they like someones stuff, and they hit that one sour song, and just say "ew it fucking sucks...."

That doesnt help at all, and does absolutely nothing to help the artist better his music in ANY way whatsoever.

If you poeple have a problem with mine or someone else about trying to politely shed light as to what it is about the song that urks you so much, and why you think it deserves such a bad score. Any lesser act on the voters part is a damn shame, and a waste foolishly granted voting power.

IMO, any vote lower than a 3 should only be allowed after at least a fifty word (or more) review be submitted first, illuminating the downfalls of the song, and constructive ideas on how to fix it.
If you have nothing constructive to say...dont say it....and dont vote. Clicking to the next page is just as easy as blamming somones efforts for no reason......give it a fucking try sometime.


New Music

2007-07-26 13:13:10 by Twistedtechnology

Hey there NG!! To all those who constantly listen to my music, i thank you a ton!

But yes, as for my new songs, They are porbably going to be posted further and further apart, as i am now taking my time in composing my works, and i am exploring different approaches to my music. My newest song Midnight Opiate is a fine example of these experiments!

So, i hope you all enjoy and continue to look forward to new songs!