2014 Submissions

Constellations Trance Song
No Escape Trance Song
Sounds of the 252 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bound By No Limits Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dare To Be Different Hip Hop - Modern Song
Runnin This Game Hip Hop - Modern Song
Descending Into Chaos Hip Hop - Modern Song
Marriage of Styles Hip Hop - Modern Song
Accepting Fate Hip Hop - Modern Song
Untitled Hip-Hop Track 01 Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Fading Of Hope Dubstep Song
On The Twisted Brink Techno Song
TT~Above and Beyond Trance Song
Technic Invasion Trance Song
Twisted's New Flavor Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fwabam Techno Song
Theme Song For Machette Awards General Rock Song
Dreams of Dancing Techno Song
Hallowfest 2010 Techno Song
Unholy Dreams Video Game Song
Twisted Visions Techno Song
As Time Goes Flying By Video Game Song
Twisted Flow Techno Song
Awakened Sickness Techno Song
A.T.F.A.A.M.M Techno Song
Twisted Atmosphere Ambient Song
A Twisted Hello Techno Song
hello again Techno Loop
A Twisted Surfacing Trance Song
The Dance For Escape Techno Song
~{(TT)}~ Conflictions Techno Song
~{(TT)}~Transformation Techno Song
`~{TT}~` Resolutions Techno Song
Twisted Fusion Techno Song
V.G. loop attempt Video Game Loop
~{TT}~ Twisted Adventure Techno Song
~{(HN)}~ Twisted Motions Trance Song
A Twisted Fairy Tale Techno Song
~{HN}~ The Roads Ahead Classical Loop
~{HN}~A Twisted Glitch Techno Song
~{HN}~The Twisted Symphony Classical Song
~{HN}~Defiance of Reality Techno Song
Noctournal Energy Techno Song
Flight of the Spirirt Ambient Song
Pressing Forward Video Game Loop
Intorqueo Verto Techno Song
the twilight journey home Techno Song
(~:"Constant Motion:"~) Techno Song
Time Travel Techno Song
Dance for The Nocturnal Trance Song
Twisted Travels Ambient Song
Traveling By Night Ambient Song
The Minds Vacation Ambient Song
Killing Time With Music Techno Song
Lost In The Moment Techno Song
A Father's Tears Ambient Song
A Twisted Determination Techno Song
~TT~ Techno Trance Song
Distant Visions Ambient Song
Twisted's Reality Techno Song
Midnight Opiate Techno Song
Defeated Once Again Ambient Song
Star Craft Techno Techno Song
Dancing On The Edge Of Reality Techno Song
Wishing For A Tomorrow Ambient Song
Galactic Dance Club Techno Song
Taking On Tomorrow Techno Song
Smooth Sailing From Here Ambient Song
Moving On Ambient Song
Tales of A Forgotten Time Classical Song
TwistedTechno Techno Song
Phantom Victory Techno Song
Nothing on the Radio Techno Song
Farewell My Friends Classical Song
Fighting For Life Classical Song
Taking The Offensive Video Game Song
Trance of Doom Techno Song
My Experiment Drum N Bass Song