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Artist Back Online....

2010-11-09 16:27:15 by Twistedtechnology

It would appear that I am up and running again at the moment as far as composing music. Working on a new track called "Dreams of Dancing." As the name implies, the track is geared towards dance/house music, but if i miss the house mark then it still sounds pretty good. A 135 bpm tempo should make it nice and easy to groove to. Keep an eye out for it and drop a review when it hits the AP!! Will kindly return the favor! (within a few days hopefully )

well this sucks.

2010-11-05 00:56:52 by Twistedtechnology

It would appear i Have misplaced my inspiration and creativity. Im sorry. No new songs due to twistedlytechnical dificulties...artist down for repairs.

i needz hhalp!

2010-08-05 23:22:33 by Twistedtechnology

ok, so, i got edirol orchestra...and i have no idea how to assign each individual instrument to a midi channel. I cant figure it out for my life T___T I use FL studio 9.

kan eny wan halps?


2010-07-10 14:54:51 by Twistedtechnology

Friday morning, july 9th, 5:40 am, Isabella Marie MacRoberts was finally brought into the world! She weighed in at 8 pounds, and measured 20 inches long! She came out so quick!!! All natural birth as well!!

Finally here

2010-04-18 17:46:36 by Twistedtechnology

Awakened sickness is finally up!

almost there

2010-04-12 18:29:45 by Twistedtechnology

Awakened Sickness is taking a bit longer to make than expected. just a little bit longer.

Coming Soon!

2010-04-03 01:08:21 by Twistedtechnology

Up next on my musical agenda, a new track called Awakened Sickness!!!

"What!? no 'Twisted' in the title this time?!" Shocking , I know, but hey, even you are getting sick of seeing "twisted" in the damn song titles lol.(lol plus its getting kind of old, and kind of hard to keep coming up with names XD) So anywhos, Coming up next is "Awakened Sickness!" keep an eye out for it. should be some time before the end of next week! Constructive criticism is much appreciated and encouraged!!

~Twisted (lolz and again)

why hello.

2009-12-18 21:45:24 by Twistedtechnology

ATTENTION! still waiting on tha baby. due date is july 11th!! anyway, finally got ahold of FL 9. which means..........I CAN MAKE MUSIC AGAIN! be patient, those who keep track, this computer isn't the greatest in the world. things get really choppy in FL whe ni try to do too much at once. tried altering the buffer length and all that and still have to watch out for overloading the buffer. anywho, be patient, and keep on the lookout!!! .....

P.S. I NEED SAMPLES!!!!!!!!! (mainly drum samples....)(for now.....) HELPZ!

Hello again

2009-11-12 00:24:05 by Twistedtechnology

Hey there NG'rs. Twistedtechnolgy here wit hsome good news and some not so good news.

I'll start with the bad news.

Due to computer crash and failure to back-up files (partially due to ignorance, partially to the inability to afford a spare harddrive) I have lost FL studio and every plugin vst and sample i ever owned. And its not looking like im gonna even get FL back untill i can legally afford to do it.

THE GOOD NEWS!!! IM GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for those of who who still pop by now and then, nothing new will be posted for probably a very long time :( it will be kinda hard to get FL studio when i have a baby, new career and a house to look for XD

Orius Radio

2009-05-14 16:34:26 by Twistedtechnology

MY friends and fellow music makers!!! check this out. there's this forum for an anime project called Orius. I have just been made musical director of the project and my first assignment is to gather all of my musically inclined friends and ask if they would like to have their music played on the Orius. radio station that we are going to be setting up! Please, If you are interested in getting your music out to a broader audience than just here on newgrounds, send me a pm and let me know you are interested! S3C I really hope to hear from you on this, among others. If you make good music, I want you on our radio station! listeners will be able to choose from varius stations and such. More information on that will be brought up when I know more about it!