Hello again

2009-11-12 00:24:05 by Twistedtechnology

Hey there NG'rs. Twistedtechnolgy here wit hsome good news and some not so good news.

I'll start with the bad news.

Due to computer crash and failure to back-up files (partially due to ignorance, partially to the inability to afford a spare harddrive) I have lost FL studio and every plugin vst and sample i ever owned. And its not looking like im gonna even get FL back untill i can legally afford to do it.

THE GOOD NEWS!!! IM GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for those of who who still pop by now and then, nothing new will be posted for probably a very long time :( it will be kinda hard to get FL studio when i have a baby, new career and a house to look for XD


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2009-11-14 04:18:44


and sorry about FL studio. well i guess it means more time to play guitar, and do more fruitful things right?

and much congrats! good luck with your upcoming child man!

also, did you just call me a n'igger. lmao


2009-11-26 22:13:20

DUDE! Congrats on the child! Hey, maybe he/she'll inherit your musical prowess..
I'm a new account here, but you might know me as.. MACHACKER2000!
Ya, I got hacked, so.. I'm thehackercat now. I'm gonna try to review some more of your songs now, and see if I can't get started on some of my own. I've had a hiatus from NG for a while, but I just HAD to come back to see how you and some other guys were doing.

So, congrats again on your fatherhood, and my prayers are with you!